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Friday, November 1, 2013

Evelyn's First Time

A year ago, I surprised Evelyn with a vacation to Prince Edward Island. Since she was a little girl, Evelyn had dreamed of visiting this peaceful Canadian island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Anne of Green Gables introduced her to the island and Evelyn spent her childhood dreaming of the day she could visit. Our vacation was a magical time filled with wonder and peace, and though the weather did not always cooperate, we took hundreds of photos. When we came back, Evelyn found out that the tourism board from the island was holding a photo contest. They were looking for photos that told the story of the island which captured its beauty and simple elegance.

We both entered the contest with a few photos each and soon forgot about it. This week we received notification that one of Evelyn's photos won the 'Fan Favorite' vote. It is the first photo contest she has ever entered, and she won $100 Canadian dollars, but even more than that, her photo will be featured in the 2014 PEI Tourism Guide! Her first contest win and her first published photo all in one fell swoop! I am so proud of her for being brave enough to enter and talented enough to win. She is the true talent behind EdenLuna Photography and now she is finally getting the recognition she deserves! Please join me and send her a note of congratulations either through here or on our FB pages.

Here is the winning photo:



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