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Friday, January 29, 2010

February Project 2010

Every year we do a personal project throughout the month of February. Last year we vowed to take only a single photo each day for the entire 28 days. Only one click on the camera per day and then posting the results...good or bad for all the world to see. If our exposure, composition, or focus was off it was too bad for us and we could not take another. A single shot per day for 28 do overs!

This year we are focusing on color. We will be taking photos that represent or feature an individual color each week. Red the first week, Yellow the second, Green the third, and Blue for the final week of the month.

We invite you to join us and take the February challenge! Submit your best shot each week that sticks to the theme! Winner each week gets a gift certificate for a free photo session! You must be a fan of our Facebook page or a registered follower of this blog to enter.

We'll publish the best photos, both yours and ours here on the blog as well as on our Facebook page for all to see! Here are a few favorites from last years 'One-Click' challenge!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rainy Day Glamour

So, we thought it would be cool to shoot some fashion in the rain. A spin-off of our glamour in un-glamorous places series. We'd find a model crazy enough to pose in a downpour and see what kind of photos we could get before we were all too water-logged. Only problem is, once we got to the location and set up, the rain stopped! In a week of torrential downpours, we had scheduled a shoot during the only dry time. We did get a few sprinkles and the model nearly froze to death, but the torrential downpour shots will have to wait for another time! Still, I think we got some nice photos.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Melissa and Chris at the Orange Circle

Recently we spent the day with Melissa and Chris down in Orange County. Melissa wanted photos that were a little funky, while Chris wanted something more traditional. We spent the next two hours just walking around laughing and taking pictures...well they did a fair amount of kissing too. At the end, we asked them to climb into a fountain and splash around. They didn't have a change of clothes, and the water was pretty cold, but they jumped right in! As for the photos, I think we got a good mix for them both.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rowland Elementary Reunion

Rowland Elementary School in West Covina recently had an informal reunion. Several classes got together at a local resturant to revisit old friends and dish about the good old days. Who changed? Who got married? Check out the fun below. To see all of the photos from this event, go to EdenLuna Photography and click on 'View Proofs'.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

How I Did It: Erik and Melissa

We are introducing a new feature here on the blog. Tell us how he proposed...or how she did it! We would like to feature the most creative ones here on our blog for inspiration to other couples. First up is a couple whose wedding I photographed way back in 2004! I am proud to say that they are still my friends and they have recently welcomed their first child!

Everytime Melissa and I are in New York City, we take a horse drawn carriage ride. After a full day of carrying around the ring box in my coat pocket, it was 5pm and we were having dinner at 7. I was determined for us to leave her brother and his wife to get to our carriage ride. Once we got to the Park, the line was insane. As you know it's like hailing a cab, first come first serve.. I literally walked off the curb and pointed at one of the cabs and said "You... yeah you..".. he came over and let the others off and we got in.

I knew this would be it.

As we took off, our driver, an italian man, proceeded to spend the next 15 min of our 25 min ride standing up, facing backwards and screaming in italian to the other driver of the carriage 50 yards behind us.

Once he sat down and finally shut up, I figured I better ask now before he starts yelling again.

I said some mushy stuff (I remember what it was) and asked her if she would marry me. She said yes. :)

At that point we kissed and she said "Open the box!!" (I had waited to open the box as to ensure it wasn't the blinding diamond that would sway her decision)

When I opened it, she cried... I put it on her finger and we both cried and smiled and kissed. It was wonderful.

The best part was the cabbie didn't say another word the rest of the way.

He snapped this photo for us:

Here are some photos of them on their wedding day:


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Sad Day for USC Fans

Today is a sad day for all of the USC fans around the country. Pete Carroll, the beloved head football coach of USC Trojans college football team has gone pro. We, of course, wish him all the best in his new home. I know one fan who is going to be devastated that his beloved coach has left. Aidan is a three year old USC fanatic. True, he is more into the band than the team and over the years has become somewhat of an unofficial band mascot. He has his own helmet and a custom-made drum. This photo proves he is a band all by himself!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sonoff Family Portraits

I met the Sonoff family in 2005. Since then both of the kids have gotten married and I am honored to have photographed their extended family.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rose Parade Float

The West Covina Rose Parade float this year won "Most Outstanding City Entry" The float honored the Tuskegee Airmen and featured a bald eagle and two P-51 Mustangs along with portraits of many of the pilots. We did not make it down to the parade, but the float was displayed in the city for a day and we visited it late at night. Way to go West Covina!