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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Better Late than Never

Nearly 130 years after being promised a pardon, ti seems that America's favorite outlaw might finally get one. Billy the Kid was Promised a pardon in the year 1881 by then Governor Lew Wallace for helping to clean up the lawlessness of New Mexico. That's right, Billy actually worked to bring peace to the people of Lincoln County. After doing his part, namely testifying in court against some pretty bad men, Billy was supposed to walk out a free man. But the Governor backed out of the deal, leaving The Kid with a long list of enemies in addition to lawmen now hunting for him. Flash forward to the year 2010, where retiring Governor Bill Richardson is contemplating finally signing a pardon for Billy! Stay Tuned!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Night Lights Workshop

Enroll now in our NIGHT LGHTS WORKSHOP! Come learn the secrets of photographing at night. See some samples from past workshops below!

We'll talk about:

Painting with light
Photographing holiday lights
Special effects
Ghost writing
and night portraits! (Yes we'll have a model there!)

This two-hour workshop is only $59!
August 14, 2010 ~ 8pm-10pm

Come for a fun-filled evening and learn another side of photography! This workshop is for SLR users only. Point and shoot cameras do not work well with these techniques, if you have a question about your equipment, please ask. Space is limited.

Email: for full details.









Also learn the secret of GHOST WRITING!