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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Taste of Marriott

Last night we were invited to the Irvine Marriott's "Taste of Autumn" event. But in my opinion it should have been called "A Taste of Professionalism". The event, as always was elegant and classy. These people truly know how to do things right. There were several food stations set up for hand-tossed salads, pumpkin gnocchi, wine and cheese, and even a Tur-duck-in! The Irvine Marriott has consistently gone above and beyond in every event I have had the good fortune to attend. The food was excellent and included a cooking demonstration by executive chef Lisa Lyon. Overall the Irvine Marriott proved once again why they are the premier event location in Orange County. This was true social networking at its best.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heart Gallery

Yesterday we had the opportunity to photograph some truly inspiring kids. The Heart Gallery is an organization dedicated to helping hard to place kids get adopted to loving families. Whether they are mentally challenged, have medical conditions or are simply older children, the Heart Gallery has a phenomenal success rate with these kids.. Their idea was to team up with professional photographers across the country for photos of the children, and then hang the kid's photos in public places such as union Station, the LA Zoo, etc. This is the third time we have photographed children for the gallery, and this time there were twenty kids and eight photographers scheduled to attend this mass shoot. Only five photographers actually made it, and we walked around Pa's Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach, who was kind enough to open their facility and their hearts to these kids. Not only did they allow us to use their grounds, they donated ride tickets all day to the kids. I know where I am buying my pumpkin this year.

The Heart Gallery is an amazing organization, and I urge you all to get involved. If this is not your cup of tea, find a charity you believe in and volunteer. Do it. No more excuses.

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Friday, October 23, 2009


Last night I was invited to attend a reception for local jewelry artist Daniel Toledo. Held at Seta' resturant in Uptown Whittier, and hosted by Covenant Diamonds. The atmosphere was relaxed and the music was provided by Jon Varto, an AMFA Music Award Winner, whose amazing voice filled Seta's hip, stylish lounge. The pieces on display were intricate and impressive. Toledo is a Nature Artist and most of his jewelry and sculptures are beautiful renditions of animals. The evening was filled with laughter and drink, and beautiful artwork by a master craftsman.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jana and Danny

Jana and Danny were full of life and love for each other. They were up for anything, and when I suggested they sit down in an alley, they plopped right down. Truthfully, I think they were happy to get off their feet. The wedding and reception were held at Villa Del Sol in Fullerton. This is a great venue, they really know how to put on a fantastic event. The Catering staff of Cafe Hidalgo was top notch and very attentive to all the guests. We had a great time working with them, and I think the photos turned out great.

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