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Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mayhem is Back!

This week's mystery photo seems pretty easy to me, so I am going to ask you to be specific. What is it and what is it attached to. Good luck! Remember, only members of the blog who leave comments here with their guesses are eligble! This week's prize is a signed 8x10 of "The Sad Cafe." Here is your mystery photo for the week:

web contestIMG_5334

And here is the artwork you can win!


Fall Colors

We just came back from a week up in the Mammoth area photographing fall colors. Here is a special preview, stay tuned for the rest!

faces entry

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge –

Roller Derby Long Beach Style!

Last Friday night, We attended a Roller Derby match! No, we did not travel back in time to 1974, we just drove to Long Beach where Roller Derby has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The women who skate and organize the derby are in it for the love of the sport. And after Friday night, they have a couple new fans. We met 'Flame Fatale' one of the skaters at last month's Zombie Walk, and she and Evelyn became Facebook buddies. Next match for Roller Derby is December 9th, who's in?


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Along with our friends at Walker '47, we have gotten involved with an organization called

We have just received the gender breakdown on our platoon: We have 18 men and 2 women. So don’t forget some special needs for the women when you’re putting your donations together. We are not given their names nor the exact location – all packages go to an APO address to be forwarded from there.

(See below for the information/requested items we received from Adoptaplatoon.)

As a hint, we have no beef jerky yet and, in the past, that’s one of the things they have specifically requested. They can carry packages separately in their packs and use it for energy in the field, or wherever they might be. Been to a hotel lately and, like the rest of us, gone home with those little bottles of hand lotion or soaps? Feel free to drop those in your donation boxes. Lip balm, lens cleaner (we’re talking lots and lots of sand in their eyes and on their scopes and glasses). Remember, they do have free time, so any magazines or books that you’re done reading would be great – as well as any dvd’s (yes, they do have players). We’re well stocked on microwave popcorn, so maybe some nuts or something like that would be good to substitute. Anything that’s a self-contained protein would be great – energy bars, granola bars, tuna, you name it. No one has to tell any of us that times are tight, but whatever you can do will be terrific.

We have received telephone calls and emails from some of you who have put collection boxes in your office or at your church, for which we are most appreciative. What a great idea. We also have someone who has passed our emails onto her high school class reunion group. Thank you all so very much.

Don’t forget those signed Christmas cards. If you don’t have any to include, we have a few at the store which you can sign for us to include. They don’t have to be fancy – it’s your personal message that counts. Don’t forget to put your name and city/state so they know where the greeting is coming from. Also, remember, we will need to ship the boxes too, so if you can’t get out to collect items, any donations you could give toward the cost of shipping (yes, the post office does charge for shipping - $11.95 per large priority box [they’re giving military a $1 per box discount]; a government agency charging to ship to another government agency) would be welcome. We will use those priority boxes wherever possible, as they are not weight restrictive. If items (like microwave popcorn, for instance) are packed in a larger box, we will break down that box so that things fit in the priority box. If we have to, we will use larger boxes for those items that don’t fit in the priority boxes, but hope to keep those at a minimum, as they will cost more.

Once again, we want to sincerely thank you for participating in this program.

Your efforts and good wishes will not go unappreciated.

Remember, the deadline is Sunday, November 20, as all boxes will
have to be packed and shipped out the next week.


CONDITIONS: Your Soldiers live in tents with 110V generated power. There is a very small PX Store that is under-stocked most of the time.

ABOUT YOUR SOLDIERS: This is a newly deployed Infantry Combat Team positioned in some of the most remote locations in Afghanistan. They have several Combat Outposts to their North and East where amenities are very limited.

REQUESTS: Healthy pocket snacks like protein bars for long missions without food, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, jerky, short slim jims, trail mixes, drink mix singles, pop-top canned foods, ready to eat meals, pop tarts, cookies, crackers, Cheez-Its, any gummy candy, bubble gum, caramels, Twizzlers, bath/baby wipes, tooth brushes, paste & floss, mouth wash (Listerine, Scope etc), deodorant, mild soap, feminine hygiene products, foot powder, lotion, hand sanitizer gel/wipes, combs, nail clippers/files, Febreze pump spray (any scent) and anything to help boost Soldier’s morale: lots of letters/mail, American flags, photos from home, current magazines (Sports Illustrated, Off Road, Men’s Health, Guns & Ammo, Muscle, Music), ladies magazines (Cosmo, People, Better Homes & Gardens etc), assorted puzzle books, board games, small flashlights, DVD movies, Music CD’s (all types of music), all size batteries, outdoor sports balls, Frisbees, YoYo’s, etc. Cold Weather Needs: Clothing such as undershirts, black, army green or brown winter boot socks, black mittens or gloves, blankets and hand/foot warmers.

Restrictions for military mail that cannot be sent to the Troops include:

•Obscene articles in the form of prints, paintings, cards, films, videotapes, etc.

•Any matter depicting nude or seminude persons, pornographic or sexual items, or non-authorized political materials.

•Bulk quantities of religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith cannot be sent. (Whether you agree with it or not, let’s not make life worse for our troops.)

•Pork or pork by-products are not allowed. Do not send products packaged in glass.

•Use zip lock type baggies to add a bit more protection when sending foods. Send only pre-packaged, store bought food products.

Supporting our Nation’s deployed U.S. Troops is a gift we give ourselves as they serve on our behalf! We support our Nation’s Troops asking nothing in return except for the honor of letting them know they are never forgotten!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

American Indian Arts Marketplace 2011

Even with all the rain dances, the sky cleared enough for us to visit the American Indian Arts Marketplace at the Autry National Center. Tribal arts including jewelry, paintings, sculpture, rugs, and more were on display in all their glory. After enjoying performance by contemporary native bands and dance groups, we had time to horse around! Pun intended!



Monday, November 7, 2011

Virginia City, Nevada

On a recent vacation to the eastern Sierras, we took a day trip up to Virginia City, Nevada. I had never been and Evelyn wanted to share the experience with me. We spent some time walking around the shops, and more time searching for the coin operated horse she remembered from her childhood! We never found the horse, but we managed to take a few pics along the way, hope you enjoy them!

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