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Thursday, January 14, 2010

How I Did It: Erik and Melissa

We are introducing a new feature here on the blog. Tell us how he proposed...or how she did it! We would like to feature the most creative ones here on our blog for inspiration to other couples. First up is a couple whose wedding I photographed way back in 2004! I am proud to say that they are still my friends and they have recently welcomed their first child!

Everytime Melissa and I are in New York City, we take a horse drawn carriage ride. After a full day of carrying around the ring box in my coat pocket, it was 5pm and we were having dinner at 7. I was determined for us to leave her brother and his wife to get to our carriage ride. Once we got to the Park, the line was insane. As you know it's like hailing a cab, first come first serve.. I literally walked off the curb and pointed at one of the cabs and said "You... yeah you..".. he came over and let the others off and we got in.

I knew this would be it.

As we took off, our driver, an italian man, proceeded to spend the next 15 min of our 25 min ride standing up, facing backwards and screaming in italian to the other driver of the carriage 50 yards behind us.

Once he sat down and finally shut up, I figured I better ask now before he starts yelling again.

I said some mushy stuff (I remember what it was) and asked her if she would marry me. She said yes. :)

At that point we kissed and she said "Open the box!!" (I had waited to open the box as to ensure it wasn't the blinding diamond that would sway her decision)

When I opened it, she cried... I put it on her finger and we both cried and smiled and kissed. It was wonderful.

The best part was the cabbie didn't say another word the rest of the way.

He snapped this photo for us:

Here are some photos of them on their wedding day:


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